Are you unfit or do you have an injury or chronic condition such as osteoporosis that makes high-impact activity risky?

Low-impact exercise is a great option for challenging the whole body – without all the stress (not to be confused with easy or ineffective). Low-impact exercise gives you a calorie-burning workout – the perfect complement to your weight-loss plan. These exercises are less stressful on your joints compared to high-impact activities such as running and jumping rope. Low-impact activities are recommended if you’re brand new to exercise, but also if you’re overweight or a new mom.

Programs are customized for Beginner / advanced students, young and old.

BodyFit low impact


Mon, Tues, Wed , Thurs
17:30 – 18:30 PM

Mon, Wed , Fri AM
05:00 – 06:00 AM

Price : R525 pm


If it doesn’t challenge you, It doesn’t change you!